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New data on women in Parliaments in Europe

New data on Women in Parliaments has been published by the European Parliamentary Research Service today. The map shows those national parliaments across the world which have a percentage of women members equal to or above the 36.9% share of women Members in the European Parliament. Worldwide there …

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Latvian Prime Minister calls for greater female leadership in Europe

The Latvian Prime Minister has called for greater female leadership in Europe, at today’s EU Women Caucus’ meeting in the European Parliament. During the session “Lessons from Latvia: Women in Leadership”, hosted by the Women in Parliaments Global Forum (WIP) and the Latvian Presidency of the Counci…

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WIP and the Italian Presidency launch the EU Women Caucus

WIP and the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union launched the EU Women Caucus, on 2 December. The members of the EU Women Caucus are female EU Commissioners, Members of the European Parliament, female Permanent Representatives of EU Countries, and female Director Generals of the E…

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